Each month, Quazar Quips© will keep you informed about statistics, trends, and helpful thoughts within the Business Brokerage market. If you or someone you know is thinking about selling their business, please contact Adam Webb at (763) 550-9555.

Volume 2, Issue 5: How Individual Buyers can Start the Process of Buying a Business

Volume 2, Issue 4: Key Takeaways from “Insiders Secrets to Buying a Business” Seminar

Volume 2, Issue 3: Add Backs That Turn Off Buyers

Volume 2, Issue 2: Why a “Net Working Capital Target” is Commonly Used as Part of a Purchase Price

Volume 2, Issue 1: Typical SBA Loans

Volume 1, Issue 10: What to do with Conflicting Valuations

Volume 1, Issue 9: Current Market Update

Volume 1, Issue 8: What to Do When a Competitor Wants to Buy Your Business

Volume 1, Issue 7: Things to Do Today to Prepare for a Future Sale

Volume 1, Issue 6: The “Typical” Selling Timeline

Volume 1, Issue 5: Why Should I Hire a Broker to Sell My Business?

Volume 1, Issue 4: Who Should be Involved in the Selling Process?

Volume 1, Issue 3: “The Meaning of Multiples”

Volume 1, Issue 2: “Demystifying Common Terms Used in Business Brokerage Transactions”

Volume 1, Issue 1: Quazar Quips Introduction

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