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Quazar Quips© Volume 1, Issue 5
Why Should I Hire a Broker to Sell My Business?
There’s no way around it: hiring a business broker is expensive. However, we believe hiring a business broker is more of an investment than an expense. The value that a good business broker brings to a transaction will more than pay for themself. Quazar Business Brokerage takes pride in ensuring we provide a great value proposition to each of our clients. We do this by:

  • Preparing client for sale: A good business broker will take time to work with their clients to best position their businesses for a sale. Oftentimes, this involves speaking with business owners well in advance of them becoming clients. At Quazar Business Brokerage, by leveraging the 26 years of experience of our sister company (Quazar Capital Corporation), we help position companies to prepare for a sale in order to maximize value for our clients. 
  • Actively soliciting buyers: We actively contact qualified buyers who we believe would be a good fit for our clients’ businesses. When speaking with other business brokers, be sure to ask them about their process of identifying qualified buyers. Some brokers take a very passive (and less effective) approach in finding buyers. 
  • Structuring transactions to fit your needs: We get to know our clients and exactly what their goals are in selling their business. This allows us to most effectively negotiate price, terms, and conditions on behalf of our clients to meet their long-term needs. 
  • Quarterbacking the transaction: A common complaint we hear in the marketplace about business brokers is that they disappear after a Letter of Intent is signed, only to reappear at the closing to collect their fee. We take a different approach by leading the process throughout the entire transaction life cycle. This includes coordinating with all of the other professionals involved in the transaction, up to and including the closing.  
  • Facilitating documentation: The amount of paperwork and information gathering in the selling process can be overwhelming without a business broker. We ensure the needed documents get to the necessary parties in a timely, confidential manner.
  • Keeping emotions out of the process: Having a buffer between the buyer and the seller can be invaluable. Selling your business is an emotional process, but having a good business broker involved ensures that emotional responses do not ruin favorable deals. We deal with the difficult questions.
When considering selling your business, be sure to hire a business broker that will add more value than they charge. At Quazar Business Brokerage, we believe we do just that. 

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